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Dhul-Hijjah Mubarak!

As Salaam Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Baraqatuhul

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Important Announcements: 'Islamic Holiday' 1437 

Join us, al 'ayam min Dhul-Hijjah and yawm Eidu al Adha. (Month of Sacrifice and 'EID ul Adha.) Inshaa' allah! 

الانضمام إلينا ، آل " الأيام دقيقة ذي الحجة و yawm Eidu الأضحى . (شهر النحر . ) شاء " الله !

alaindimam 'iilayna , al " al'ayam daqiqatan dhi alhujjat w yawm Eidu aladha . (shhr alnnahr . ) sha' " alllah !

Hajj Days - Dhul-Hijjah Hijri Year 1437 · Gregorian 2016 :

· 'ayam Monday 8th through Friday 12th Thul-Hijjah 1437 | Gregorian Year 2016 Days 5 - 9 of September and in some other countries are observing Dhul Hijjah on the10th of September 2016. (tentative.)

· Arafa 13 yawm, Dhul Hijjah 1437 | Gregorian Year 2016 Day 10 of September 2016.

· Eidu al-adha (EID Festival) yawm 13 Dhul-Hijjah 1437 - Gregorian 2016 Sunday 11 and in some countries on the10th Day of September 2016

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06/24/16 Jum'ah Khitba

06/17/16 Jum'ah Khitba

06/10/16 Jum'ah Khitba 

06/03/16 Jum'ah Khitba

Ramadan Shawwal 'Lailat ul Qadra' 1437 (2016) Salaatul 'ASR Khubah by Imam Khatib Malika Maryaum Allahumma

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06/23/16 Khitba


Zakat-ul Fitrah (Halal Meat Dedicated to the Poor) | Zakat Sacrifice (Animal Sacrifices Dedicated to Allah) | Allahumma Zakat Burnt Sacrifice® (Allahumma 'Non-Animal' Zakat Burnt Sacrifices® Dedicated to Allah.)


Request your Zakat-ul Fitrah Form® | Zakat Burnt Sacrifice 'Non Animal' Burnt Sacrifice Form®

(Note: When received your Zakat-ul Fitrah Form' choose your CHOICE-ZAKAT fill in your copy and email the form to: or mail form to: Imam, Malika Allahumma - Allahumma Temple Masjid 139 South 14th Street Apt. 2. RR., Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17104

You may copy paste the Form from off our Website, go to Donation Tab on upper left side corner click onto the tab 'Donation and more...' scroll down to Zakat-ul Fitrah Form | Transfer Funds Authorization Form 

fill in the form along with your choice payment and copy paste to your email and send to or


A sum of $10.00 must be paid on Eid ul Fitr on a person's behalf as well as on behalf of all those who are his dependant. For every individual, the sum amount must be precisely calculated and paid enough to feed one Miskeen (needy person...I.e. if there is 10 people in a family and the sum to be paid that year was $10.00, then the total of $100.00 must be paid), and on the day of 'EID, it will be distributed to the poor. Cost Depends where one reside...i.e. in the country or state where one live or where one resides in; average for zakat-ul Fitrah is $10.00.


There's various sacrifices officiated on Eid ul Fitra, the Festival of Fast Breaking and Eidul Athaa, the Festival of Sacrifice done by various sects of Muslims:

Sacrifices are common in Islamic culture and practiced by muslims ever since medieval age by great ancient muslim ancestors/elders; and modern days sacrifices are practiced and utilized on Islamic holidays by muslim sheiks/imams. Nowadays, Muslims has grown more advanced, more rapidly, and more expended in knowledge...I.e.eating animals! Nowadays, you hear muslims has learned more knowledge about what's good for their body and want more for there bodies by exercising and eating good foods and choose not to eat meats/poultry/dairy foods and products, many muslims today are vegetarians, vegans, frutarians, and seedarians and chosen not to kill and eat animals, nothing pertaining to dead flesh! Therefore, care not to slaughter nor sacrifice animals. In some states therein are LAWS of the LAND that protects animals. 'Animal Rights' due to animal abuse/animal cruelty and animal slaughter done by humanity. Many muslims along with many others agrees, firmly stand, and abide by these laws 'rights-against animal cruelty' .

Allahumma Temple Masjid is the first Muslim Group Since Year 2000 offered Zakat 'EID Burned Sacrifices to Allah (God) by Imam Khatib Ayotollah Mujtahideh Lady Malika Maryaum Allahumma she has officiated Zakat non animal sacrifices not only on 'EID, everyear she officiates various sacrifices throughout the year, sacrifices on special occasions, sacrifices for special ceremonies and special events, and on hoildays. Imam Allahumma was raised Vegan by her mother and father and became vegetarian 12 years old. Imam Allahumma Uniquely organized for muslims members of Allahumma's Temple Masjid whom majority of the muslims are 'vegetarians and/or vegans' whom strongly stand against animal abuse and animal cruelty. Animal Sacrifices is not practiced among them. However, Imam Allahumma doesn't condem animal sacrifices in Islamic culture, she teaches the believers to learn and respect sacrifices for Islamic Muslims its their traditional culture for thus 'Zakat for Sacrifices' again is TRADITION | CULTURE there is reasons why sacrifices are made on Muslim Islamic Holidays. Imam Allahumma like to share with us WHY....stay tuned to upcoming khitbah at Allahumma's Temple Masjid by Imam Malika Maryaum Allahumma

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